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Hello Readers!!!!

We are a pack of 3 friends. Iliyas, Abdul, and Sabeel Behind the travel blog Being Forscher. We are engineers from different streams with love and passion for travel and exploration. We created this blog to express our views about the destinations that we visit, to help economic travelers to explore freely. Our goal is to share the history, tradition, food culture & the life of various tribes around the globe.

Life Before Blogging

We have started travelling since 2016, whenever we got time from our busy schedule during college life we would travel and we actually discovered that travelling is more fun and even we got to know that the more you explore the more you know. It bought us peace, happiness and relaxation in our stressful life and refreshed us from all our stress.

Why we here?

After completing our engineering, we almost spent two years in corporate life. Where we didn’t get time to travel. During this Covid-19 pandemic lockdown when we actually got some free time from our job life, we started traveling again and this time we have been exploring some hidden places or some amazing places which were unknown and only locals have a bit knowledge about this place. After coming back from our journey we always used to share our views and narrate about the place to our family and friends. They found it interesting to listen when we start describing about the place which we visit. By this we got to know that we are pretty much good narrators, so we decided to start a blog and here we are with our blog.

Our main motive

Our main motive to create this blog is to explore the hidden cities and places of the world, we aim to bring you the most beautiful and least visited places with our close vicinity, and help to boost the local economy by adding value to the local tourist destination and Inspiring the world to never give up on your dreams.

our team

Iliyas Torgal

Computer Science

A software engineer who is a courageous and resilient traveler with a passion for exploring and learning new things. A soul with great interest in history and discovering historical places. Here to live his dreams of exploring the world.

Abdul Bankapur

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer who has a lot of passion for work, a person with a great sense of humor and has a dominating character, here because of his love towards nature and passion for exploring the world.

Sabeel Nadaf

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer with a love for traveling, discovering new cultures, and meeting new people. A person who always loves to connect with people. Hard worker, foodie and easy-going with full of energy.