Amboli Falls

Amboli waterfall is one of the most famous tourist spots nearby Belgaum, it is located in the western ghats on the route to Goa (via sawantwadi, amboli). The whole journey is quite mesmerizing and amazing through the ghats as the route and the mountains are full of mist.

Amboli falls is around 75 km from Belgaum city, the route to the falls is through Belgaum-Sawantwadi road via Amboli Ghat which comes under Maharashtra state.

Amboli Falls

        The journey through these ghats is wonderful and adventurous, the route through the ghats is covered with mist. On the way to the falls, you will find some breath-taking scenic views, where the mountains are covered with clouds and beautiful small water streams falling from the top of the hills.

Usually, we have seen many people visit only Amboli Falls and fail to visit the other two places which are nearby to the Amboli falls. But we suggest you visit the other two places as well because they are worth visiting.

The other two places are:

  1. Dhab-Dhaba Point.
  2. Kawalasheth.
  1. Dhab-Dhaba Point
Amboli Falls

Dhab-Dhaba point is located on the way to Amboli falls from Belgaum, this point is around 15 km earlier from the Amboli falls.

       On the way to Amboli Falls, there is a small temple on the right-hand side beside this temple you will find the stairs which takes you to the Dhab-Dhaba point Amboli falls.

      Dhab-Dhaba point is a small bridge from where you can witness the small stream of water falling which comes through the forest with a great force hence the name Dhab-Dhaba point.


            2. Kawalasheth

Amboli Falls

Kawalasheth is also located on the way to Amboli falls from Belgaum, this point is around 10 km prior to Amboli falls.

     On the route to the Amboli falls there is a hotel named Madhuban. Around 200 meters from this hotel you have to take a right turn to reach the Kawalasheth which is about 5km from the turn.

Amboli Falls

Kawalasheth is a beautiful place located on top of the hills, where you will enjoy the elegant view of natural scenery with ranges of the mountain covered by clouds. During the rainy season, you will also witness the water streams falling from the mountains like a milky way falls.

Amboli Falls

At the entrance of this place, there are many stalls that sell food items. They have also arranged park benches to sit and enjoy the view of this wonderful place.

Now coming back to the falls, after riding through the curvy western ghats you will finally find this magnificent waterfalls.

Amboli Falls

Amboli falls is one of the hot tourist spots nearby Belgaum. As it is located on the hills station in the western ghats this waterfall make itself a distinctive cascade waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery and mist.

Monsoon is the best time to visit this place and we suggest you avoid traveling at weekends as this place is very crowded on weekends.

How to Commute ???

You can commute with both bike and car but best enjoyed on bikes because the ride through the western ghats is adventurous.

We have shared a small video of our journey to Amboli Falls Watch and Enjoy it !!!!

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