Best Food Places of Belgaum City

Belgaum is the best place for food lover, where you’ll find different kinds of food with the perfect taste. Kunda is the most popular sweet of Belgaum city and also Belgaum is well known for its different types of Biryani.

Here are the some of the  best food places of Belgaum City


Belgaum Kunda is the most popular sweet of Belgaum city. It is a dessert . Belgaum Kunda is prepared using sugar milk and curd. Now sugar-free Kunda is also available in many famous Belgaum sweet marts. The price is also reasonable ranging from 300-400 rupees. Belgaum Kunda is available in many local sweet marts like Purohit Sweet Mart,  A1 Kunda and Kalyani Sweets.


Biryani is an emotion and the love for Biryani will remain same forever, when you feel the aroma of Biryani it makes you feel more hunger and your soul craving. In Belgaum city, you will witness various types of Biryani with different taste.

Some of the famous Biryani restaurants are listed below.

  1. Al – Bahar.
  2. Niyaaz.
  3. Masterchef.
  1. Al – Bahar

Al – Bahar is especially known for its Biryani and Tandoors, it is situated on the main road in camp area behind the Indian petroleum. Here Biryani is served with green chutney, curd salad and some pieces of chicken kabab as a gesture of love.

         2. Niyaaz

Niyaaz is one of the most famous and oldest Restaurant of Belgaum city, that is operating in Belgaum for over 20 years and now it has branches in other cities as well. Niyaaz brought the trend of Biryani in Belgaum in old 90’s. It is situated nearby the central bus stand of Belgaum.

 3. Masterchef

Masterchef the name itself describes you the specialty of this restaurant, now they are attracting more people with their taste and service. The craze of Masterchef’s Biryani has gone so far that every Belgaumite would recommend you to have a Biryani of Masterchef. The main branch of this restaurant is in Khade Bazaar although it has many branches spread all over the Belgaum city.


  1. Grand China

Grand China is a Chinese fast food restaurant located opposite to Maratha Mandal Dental College, APMC Road. Grand China is a most underrated restaurant in Belgaum as most of the people don’t know about this place, but we suggest you to visit this place once because their every dish has authentic Chinese taste and also the prices are very reasonable.

  2. Momo’s

Momo’s is a Chinese food restaurant situated in Ramnagar opposite Shaikh Central School. Momo’s restaurant  is mostly famous among the students of various colleges because of its well known Chinese and Thai food. This restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere with good music and service.

 3. Friends Corner

Friends Corner is an oldest Chinese restaurant located in the Camp area. Friends Corner is considered as an inexpensive restaurant with a variety of Chinese food. Chicken starters are well-known dishes of this restaurant.


  1. Eats N Treats

 Eats N Treats Cafe is the best place to hang around with friends. They are the pioneers in making donuts. Eats N Treats Cafe serves many varieties of pizzas and they also make customized cakes. It is also the best place for Birthdays or any other celebrations.

  2. Stark Cafe

 Stark Cafe is newly established Cafe, which is located  in Vaibhav Nagar beside Shantesha Motors. Being new Cafe in the city they have made a good impact  because of their uniqueness in their dishes. Stark Cafe also has separate space for Birthday parties with innovative decorations.

  3. Yummy Shawarma

Yummy Shawarma as the name itself suggest the specialty of this Cafe. Yummy Shawarma serves many variants of shawarma in Arabic style, they also serve french fries and sandwiches. This Cafe is the best place to hang out for an evening snack and they have maintained perfect hygiene in the restaurant.


Eating out in a natural surrounding, it happens only in a Dhaba. They provide us with the best scenery which refreshes our senses. No matter how much you pay in a five star, nothing can satisfy your appetite like the hot parathas and melting Makhan at Dhaba.

  1. Vishal Dhaba

Vishal Dhaba is located in Azam Nagar, Bauxite road. Vishal Dhaba is an inexpensive restaurant. As it is located in the locality of the Belgaum city, it is very crowded and lively especially during the dining times. Vishal Dhaba serves cuisines like North Indian, Mughlai, Tandoori, and Biryani. The quality and quantity of food are very decent.

    2. Gavkari Dhaba

Gavkari Dhaba has some unique kind of servings, it only serves authentic Maharashtrian Thalis (Chicken Thali, Mutton Thali etc.). Gavkari Dhaba have added the ideal Maharashtrian style into the Thalis, where Chicken Thali consists of 2 Rotis, Chicken Gravy, Egg curry with boiled egg, salad and the famous Thamda (Red) and Pandra (White) Rassa (curry). This Dhaba is located in a Yamnapur village  on the NH4 service road which is only 4kms from Belgaum city

 3. Sarla Dhaba

Sarla Dhaba is located on Pune- Bangalore NH4 highway approximately 30 kms from Belgaum city. It is one of the best dhabas located nearby Belgaum city with typical Dhaba style with charpaais (Cots) for seating. The Dhaba serves local cuisine where most of the recipes cook in open earthen ovens giving the authenticity and deliciousness to their food. The service is very good and also the prices are reasonable. The best time to visit this place is at night with friends and family.

Tea Points

Belgaum is the perfect Spot for Tea lovers. With lots of ethnic and cultural variety of Tea points. You can find here various types of tea shops i.e., Hyderabadi tea, tandoori tea and much more.

  1. Limra

Limra Cafe is always crowded. Which is in Ramdev area. The best thing about this place is the lively crowd. Limra Cafe serves the Hyderabadi tea with  different types of tea time snacks which attracts the customers.

2. Yewle Amrutatulya

 Yewle Amrutatulya is basically from Pune and it has widely spread all across the country. Recently they have established their new branch in Belgaum. Yewle Amrutatulya is located in Ganpat Galli, main city of Belgaum, Yewle Tea has a unique flavor with a standardized process of making tea across all the branches.

3. Tandoori Tea

Tandoori chai is at its best. The best thing about this cafe is, it is located on NH-4 highway near Yamnapur village. People come there from way too long for the just one cup of tea. The process of preparing the tea is, they first prepare normal masala tea, then they pour the tea into the over heated mud-cup (Kulhad) which is heated in the tandoor. Once they pour the tea into mud-cup (Kulhad), the tea gets boiled and oozes out of the  mud-cup giving a  unique smoky flavor to the tea.


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