The best thing about Belgaum is weather and Monsoon is the best time to visit Belgaum because Belgaum is surrounded by heavenly forests at western side where you will just fall in love with nature. There are many places to visit nearby Belgaum during monsoon. One of them is Chikale falls which fall on the route of Goa in Chorla ghats.

Chikale Falls is around 45 Kms from Belgaum city, the ride along the Chorla Ghats is quite amazing and adventurous through the woods where the climate is neither extremely cold nor scorching hot, where the wind caressed the aisle and blowing through the wood of the western ghats.

After 5-6 Kms from Jamboti village, there is a directional board for the Chikale village on the left hand side, from there the Chikale Falls is about 5kms away.

As we enter the village, a different journey begins, a journey with full of clouds. The atmosphere is so foggy that we can’t even see anything around us for some distance, the way to the falls is so splendid and beautiful,  you will love the chirping of birds as if they are singing and welcoming you.

The route to the falls is surrounded by green farms, forests and a beautiful village. The farms are so colorful that you will enjoy the true beauty of nature. In in this green farm you will see some adorable makeshift huts used for storage, you will also spot some farmers humbly walking towards their fields covering them with the sack coats during monsoon.

This place is best visited during the onset of the monsoon, during the monsoons due to heavy rain, it is a bit difficult to access this place and post monsoons the place can be best enjoyed till November, in this season you can treat your eyes with natural water channels which comes alive during monsoons

On the way to the falls, you will see a beautiful human establishment that portraits India’s rich rural culture, ranch styled houses with wooden fences and smoke chimneys.

Keep going until you hear the sound of waterfalls, after walking for half a mile you will reach the destination (Chikale Falls).

With all the scenic views throughout the journey you will finally reach your much awaited destination, there is a channel that flows through the lush green bushes which contributes on the famous waterfall.

Get yourself lost amidst the rich green surroundings away from city lights in this countryside with your family and friends at any point of time.

How to Commute ???

Best enjoyed on bikes, but it can also be accessed through 4 wheeler. During monsoons you need to park your 4 wheeler half a mile away from the waterfalls as the road is a bit non accessible due to heavy rain

We have shared a small video of our journey to Chikale Falls Watch and Enjoy it !!!!!


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