Dandeli – Heaven in the Forest


Dandeli is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka, this forest is home to varieties of birds and many other wild creatures. Tiger and Black panther are also found here, hence this place was declared as a tiger reserve in 2007. The deepest river in Karnataka (Kali River) flows through this forest which gives tourists to experience a full package of water activities with a wild stay.

Dandeli is located in Uttar Kannada district, Karnataka. It is around 458 km from Banglore(Bengaluru) and 438 Kms from Pune.

     Dandeli is around 100 km from Belgaum which is our home town so we took our vehicle for this journey.

    We were planning for this trip for many months but due to Covid, we were all forced to stay at home for almost 8 months. Finally, we got time to get out of the isolation bubble and we made the plan a successful one.

     It was our first group outing after the pandemic which we had already booked a resort through Wildstay Dandeli for 2 days and 1 night.


We started our journey at 7:30 am from Belgaum and reached Dandeli at 10 am and we were waiting for our Wildstay guide to come and take us to the resort which was in Ganeshgudi.

         Most of the resorts are located in Ganeshgudi which is 20 km from Dandeli as this place is located in the dense forest alongside the river which makes them more comfortable to conduct water activities for tourists.


While we finished our breakfast our guide had reached to escort us to the resort, the route to the resort through the forest was wonderful and we were enjoying our drive full of excitement.

       Finally, we reached our resort after driving about 20-25 mins. As we entered the premises of the resort from the entrance itself we could see the resort was beautiful and widely spread in the forest.


The resort is very well established with a big parking area at the entrance, a playground for outdoor games and it has some swinging benches tied to trees. And then we quickly got our hut, the hut was very big with an attached bathroom. We all got freshen up and hurried ourselves to water activities. 

 In our package they had offered us 4 activities i.e., Kayaking, Boating, Jacuzzi and Trekking with 3-time meals and high tea. We reached our water activities section by wearing our life jackets on and queued up for our first water activity (Kayaking).

Kayaking – A kayak is a small narrow watercraft propelled by a double-bladed paddle.

      Everyone in our group were experiencing this activity for the first time, so some of them were afraid to perform this activity as the boat is quite narrow and performed individually in water even though everyone was very excited to get in. 


After 20 mins of kayaking, we moved on to our 2nd and 3rd activity i.e., boating and jacuzzi. This activity is performed consecutively one after another in this activity we have to boat along with our guide to the natural jacuzzi point. The natural jacuzzi point in Dandeli is made up of rocks and crystal clear flowing water.

    Before starting our boating activity our guide quickly instructed us about all the safety precautions to take while boating. Then we started our boating activity and it was quite fun to row along with our friends together, as we moved on we could see the jacuzzi point where people were enjoying in water by taking a natural jacuzzi bath. Our excitement got doubled by watching this scenario, so we started rowing quickly to reach the destination.


After 10 mins of boating, we reached the jacuzzi point, then we quickly got off the boat and jumped in the water. It was very refreshing to take the natural bath in flowing water and the flow of water was very fast but it was safe and enjoyable. For about half an hour we enjoyed ourselves in the jacuzzi bath and our all water activities got completed here, so we moved back to our resort.


Usually, everyone gets exhausted and hungry after playing in the water, so we were also very hungry and exhausted. As soon as we reached our resort our food was ready, so we quickly freshened up and went to have our lunch and believe me the food was very tasty and delicious.

    Our lunch menu had one sweet dish, Rotis, Chicken masala, palak paneer, and jeera rice. We had our food like we were hungry for many years and food was also unlimited.


For Resting about an hour after lunch, we decided to go sightseeing i.e., Ganeshgudi dam backwater. This place is located around 10 km from our resort. Many people visit this place during sunset as strolling around this place in the evening makes you feel alive with the breeze striking you and making your heartbeat feel calm and peaceful.


We came back to our resort by 7 pm and had our high-tea, everyone was eagerly waiting for the camp-fire but due to rain we had to wait for a longer time, so till then, we all played some indoor games. Finally, after waiting for 2 hours our camp-fire was all set and we were ready to have fun.

    The most awaited party of the night had begun and we started to chill and dance around the camp-fire. After being at home for almost 8-9 months due to the pandemic it was one of the most memorable and entertaining nights for all of us.

     Unfortunately, we could only enjoy for 2 hours in the camp-fire as it started raining again, so we moved on to have dinner. After finishing our dinner we went back to our camps and fell asleep as everyone was exhausted after such an adventurous day.


We woke up late in the morning because everyone was very much tired last night, we had our trekking activity in the morning but due to heavy rain it had been canceled, so we had our breakfast and spent some time playing outdoor games. It was already 11 am and it was our checkout time so we hurried up and left from the resort by 12 pm.


We went to Dandeli to visit Kali River and Moulangi eco-park as we had planned it earlier, around 1 pm we reached Moulangi eco-park. It is one of the most crowded places in Dandeli. This place is undertaken by the government of Karnataka they charged us around 10-15 rupees per person as entry fees.

     Moulangi eco-park is a picnic spot beside the Kali river and it also has a small amusement park for kids to play. We had a photo shoot there and left Moulangi eco-park around 3 pm and it was very late so we had our lunch at Dandeli and left for Belgaum.


Travel Agency – Wildstay Dandeli

       All the activities and stay comfort depend upon your package of booking. So it may vary according to your tour packages.

            In our package they had offered us 4 activities i.e., Kayaking, Jacuzzi, Trekking and Boating, apart from this there are also some other activities like Ziplining, River crossing, Jungle Safari and River Rafting for which you have to pay extra and have fun.

        Zip Lining & River crossing – Rs 300-400/- per person.

        Jungle  Safari – Rs 450-500/- per person.

        River Rafting – Rs 450-500/- per person for short-range rafting.

Dandeli River Rafting is one of the most popular water sports in Karnataka. it is considered as one of the adventurous activities to do in Dandeli. River Rafting is quite a thrilling experience and enjoyable. Below are some of the things you should know about this activity.

  •    You will have an option to choose between Short, Mid, and Long-range rafting.
  •    Charges may vary depending upon the rafting you choose.
  •    The minimum age criteria for this activity is above 12 years old.

 Jungle Safari is an adventurous activity in Dandeli where you will witness the scenic beauty of nature with lush green vegetation and an opportunity to sight the wildlife in the Dandeli sanctuary. Dandeli forest department provides their own open jeep for jungle safari with professional drivers and guides along. 

  • Timing for Jungle Safari

           Morning Safari:- 5:30 am to 9 am

            Evening Safari:- 3:30 pm to 7 pm 

        Contact Details – 

                    Website Link: https://www.wildstaydandeli.com/

                    Instagram Link:   https://www.instagram.com/dandeli_wild_stay/

        Ratings – 


How to Commute ???

You can travel to Dandeli by road only, following are the details to visit Dandeli.

Travel By Road:-

Bangalore ← 458 km→ Dandeli

Pune ←  438 km→ Dandeli

Nearest Railway Station: Hubli Railway Station.

Nearest Airport: Hubli Airport.

Note:  It is best to take a private vehicle to visit Dandeli

The best time to visit Dandeli is from October – January

We have shared a vlog of our trip to Dandeli Watch and Enjoy it !!!!

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  1. Useful post and many of the points makes improvises our information about Dandeli. So far people living in long range from Dandeli thinks there are no options exploring the wildlife than going with friends for a Trekk, but now they knew that facilities like resorts and guides are also available for a best experience.

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