Dudhsagar Falls – The Adventure is waiting for you

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is considered among one of the tallest waterfalls in India, this is one of the most adventurous waterfalls of western ghats, if you are a nature wanderer then this should be on your bucket list, it is a mighty waterfall located in the deciduous forest where we can reach this place through Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary Colem-Mollem, Goa.

Dudhsagar Falls

One can reach Dudhsagar Falls by train as well as by road. We wanted to make this trip more adventurous so we choose to go by road on bikes.

We wanted to finish this trip within a day so we started our journey early morning at 6 am. At the beginning of the journey it was quite cold so we rode slowly and later we got the momentum right and geared up our speed.  

Dudhsagar Falls

After riding for 3 hours through Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary (via Anmod Ghat) we reached Colem. We were blown up as we saw the huge number of tourists waiting in a queue for entry passes. 

       After reaching Colem we needed to park our bikes at the parking station where every restaurant and lodge has a particular parking station for visitors, they charged us Rs. 30/- per bike. 

Dudhsagar Falls

We parked our bikes and moved on to the ticket station to enquire about the entry charges and we found that there are 2 possible ways to reach Dudhsagar falls i.e., Safari and trekking (where you need to hire a local guide).

      To make our journey more adventurous we choose to go by trek, so we hired a local guide named Parshuram where he charged Rs.500/- per person. Then we quickly packed our bags and took some foodstuff and began our trek.

Dudhsagar Falls

As we began our trekking we got to see some wild elephants preserved by the forest department, moving forward there was a river to cross where the water wasn’t much deep so quickly we crossed the river and moved further.

Dudhsagar Falls

During the whole trek of 11 km, we found another 2 rivers to cross. The entire experience of the journey through the forest was quite amazing and mesmerizing with our guide (Parshuram) as he shared some of his funny and adventurous stories about Dudhsagar.

         In the course of our journey, we were trekking beside the river which was a thrilling experience, the water of the river was so clean that we refreshed ourselves and moved on

Dudhsagar Falls

After trekking about 8 Km there was a temple with some residents who had built a small canteen for visitors to refresh. As we were very drained off so we halted there for some time and recharged ourselves with some soft drinks and we proceeded further.

           We were almost exhausted after trekking about 10 Kms and were eagerly wanted to reach our destinations as soon as possible. Finally, we got a glimpse of Dudhsagar Falls which doubled our excitement to another level, so we began to move quickly.

Dudhsagar Falls

After walking around 11 km through the forest we get to see the welcoming board of Dudhsagar.

      The entire view of Dudhsagar Falls was so impressive and breathtaking that it made us forget all the pain and tiredness of trekking so long, we rushed towards the falls to jump in and have fun in the water. After enjoying an hour we had our food as we were very hungry and left before twilight

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is the 4th tallest waterfall in India with a height of 310m (1017 feet), this waterfall is 4 tiered waterfall. The name Dudhsagar is because of its milky appearance. Dudhsagar Falls is one of the best tourist spots for visitors coming from Belgaum and Goa.

How to Commute ???

You can visit Dudhsagar Falls by both train and road, following are the details to visit dudhsagar .

Travel By Road :-

Belgaum ←90 Km→ Colem ←11 Km → Dudhsagar 

Goa ← 68 Km→ Colem ←11 Km → Dudhsagar 

Travel By Train:-

Following are the trains that pass through Dudhsagar Falls :

  1. Goa Express.
  2. Poorna Express.
    You can also visit Dudhsagar Falls through  Castle Rock and Colem station by train and from there you have a trek to Dudhsagar.

One can visit Dudhsagar Falls from Colem in two ways:

  1. Safari – 3500 Rs/- per vehicle.
    Maximum 5 people are allowed in a vehicle
    Excluding all entry charges and camera charges.
  2. Trek – 1500 Rs/- for a local guide.
    Excluding Camera charges 
    Including all entry charges.

Note :- The best time to visit this place is post-monsoon( October to December) as the environment comes around lively.

We have shared a vlog of our journey to Dudhsagar Falls Watch and Enjoy it !!!!

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