Kitwad Falls

Kitwad falls is one of the hidden places nearby Belgaum city, it is located in Chandgad Taluk, Maharashtra. It is around 17 kms from Belgaum city.

Kitwad Falls

On the way to Chandgad Village, you’ll find this elegant waterfall. Around 5-6 kms from Agasga Village you have to take a left turn and from there waterfall is about 4 kms.

Kitwad Falls

There is a reservoir constructed to store the water for the usage of nearby villages, the same water flows to the falls giving it a magnificent scenic view.

Kitwad Falls

Monsoons are the best time to visit this place  Kitwad Falls, as everything comes around lively with flowing of water and greenery all over the place.

     There is also a small bridge over the falls from where you can enjoy the entire view of this beautiful place and it is also a good place for photo shoots.

Kitwad Falls
Kitwad Falls

After walking down the bridge you will see this alluring waterfall inviting you to get under the falls and experience the gush of water and play with it. The stunning view of waterfalls and the surrounding greenery is multiplying the excitement and curiosity of the visitors.

Unplanned trips are the best as planned trips never happen and Kitwad Falls is the best place to visit during monsoon for a one day trip with family and friends as it is in the close vicinity of Belgaum

How to Commute ???

Best enjoyed on bikes, but it can also be  accessed through 4 wheeler. 

We have shared a small video of our journey to Kitwad Falls Watch and Enjoy it !!!!!

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  1. Thank to you guys I got another place to visit .. keep up the good work .. keep exploring
    And yeah good content

  2. 2day visited kitwad falls.
    Its awesome fully relaxed never thought there would be this kind of water fall near belgaum.

    Good work guys keep it up..

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