Sundi Falls

Sundi Falls is in close proximity to Belgaum city. It is located near Mahipalgad, Maharashtra and it is about 28 km from Belgaum City.

       The route to the Sundi Falls is through Belgaum-Sawantwadi  road, around 10 kms from Hindalga jail there is a Karnataka-Maharashtra Border (Baachi Village), once you enter  the Maharashtra state there is a right turn to Mahipalgad  after 200 meters. Sundi Falls is about 4 kms from Mahipalgad Village.

Sundi Falls

After taking a right turn you will see a stunning view of the road passing through the mountains which are covered with a cluster of clouds.

Sundi Falls

On the way to Sundi Falls, there is also an old temple which is known as Vaijnath Temple. This temple is situated right at the top of the mountain, many Hindu devotees comes here for worship.

Sundi Falls

Around 5kms from Mahipalgad, you will find the directional board to Sundi Falls here you need to park your vehicles along the roadside and cover the distance by walk.

Sundi Falls

We had been to this place 2 years ago and that time the route to the falls by walk was not so good, there were no directional boards but now the localities have maintained this place very well with the directional board, small bridges over the water channels in the fields and steps to climb down to the falls.

As you go down through the steps you will witness a beautiful view of water falling from the top of the mountain.

Sundi Falls

Sundi waterfalls is a Punchbowl type of waterfalls in which the waterfalls from the mountain is narrow and spread out in a wider pool, where you can go into the pool and play under the falls and have a natural shower.

How to Commute ???

Best enjoyed on bikes, but it can also be  accessed through 4 wheeler.

We have shared a small video of our journey to Sundi Falls Watch and Enjoy it !!!!

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    1. Thank you Sushma, it is around 530 km from Bangalore and Best time to visit this place is Monsoon and Post Monsoon till December. we will make sure to give such details in our upcoming blogs.

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